Hi, I am Yashoshree

I am a digital freelancer and inspirational writer/blogger with a passion to help people grow and succeed in life as well as careers.



My Story

I completed my post-graduation in Marketing and worked with a few companies, but never really enjoyed the job I was doing.  Even the handsome pay could not give me the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Then in the year 2020 pandemic stuck hard, giving everyone a lot of time to think and actually understand themselves better; Including me. When everyone was struggling to sustain themselves in the corporate world, I decided to quit. I knew it was not where I belonged.

Looking around to all the casualties happening in the world due to the pandemic shook me and I started writing about everything I realized in those times. I even wanted to help people but didn’t know-how. I have always been a positive thinker. With time I realized my writings and suggestions helped those who saw them. 

The few months in lockdown also made me realize my forever interest in Digital Marketing and the kind of life which I always wished for but never actually enjoyed in the corporate world.

Deciding to give my career a fresh start was quite a challenge at first. When I started learning digital marketing, the urge to learn more started increasing every day. But the lack of practical experience made me invest in my own business, and gain experience from it.

Now, I can say I am a digital marketing expert with hands-on practical experience in various disciplines of Digital Marketing.

As I am also a passionate writer, I wish to exchange my thoughts and views about various aspects of life like – Mindfulness, self-improvement, growth, relationship, family etc. in my blog; hoping to help change a few lives.