Do you often find yourself caught in an endless loop of thoughts and emotions?  Making a mistake or receiving a harsh comment puts you in a negative setback of emotions?

Our thoughts are like a coin with two sides. With every positive thought comes a negative thought. I once read an article, which said, “An average person has 6,200 thoughts per day” so the probability of occurrence of both thoughts is equal. Our mind works in a certain way where our thoughts keep on adding and multiplying themselves. You can never subtract a thought from your mind.

If you think that, you can just remove the negative thought with a positive one: take a minute, go ahead and try; it is never going to work. You can divert your mind towards other things for some time, but you can never remove the negative thoughts permanently.

The most dominant negative thoughts come when you have a feeling of resentment within you.

Understanding these thoughts is one way in which you can deal with them. Here are some of the most common negative thoughts we all have and ways in which we can understand them better.


  1. Thinking about things that you do not want in your life

 Do you always keep on thinking about things that you do not want to happen in your life?  Most of the time ‘YES’.

Do you ever go shopping with a list of items you do not want to buy? NEVER RIGHT! So, why do you ask for things that you do not want?

When we think about things that we do not want, we end up attracting more negativity towards ourselves. The best way to deal with such thoughts is to understand yourself better. Make a list of things you want in life, act for it, and then go get it. It is just like shopping (you know what you want, you take action and go out to the shop and then you finally get it for yourself).


2. I am not doing good enough

 Ok! Take a moment, sit back, relax and think about everything that you did and you are doing in your life, to be where you are right now.

Now you might think – I achieved nothing. If a pencil falls down and breaks its tip, do you throw the whole pencil? Of course not! You pick the pencil, sharpen it again and use it.

When you realize you are not doing well enough, you achieve a sense of responsibility and maturity to know that you are not doing things the right way. This realization itself is the first step, a new perspective towards achieving something great. All you need to do is TAKE ACTION and TRY to make yourself BETTER.


3. I can’t do this

 Our mind is the most sophisticated and intelligent computer on the planet. It follows every command you give in the form of your thoughts and feelings and shows results accordingly.

When you think, you cannot do something even before you try doing it; you are giving the command of not performing to your brain, which is limiting your abilities to perform.

Stop procrastinating, believe in yourself and your abilities, and just start doing it. Everything always seems impossible until it’s done. You have to decide if you want to be the one doing it. Challenge yourself; the results will prove your worth.


4. Why everything happens only with me?

I once read a quote, which said “One thing about GOD… He will reveal what needs to be seen”

If you are experiencing a difficult situation in life, it is probably because you are been prepared for the future. If you have had an experience in life, at the times of war you will know what exactly you need to do in order to win.

Everyone goes through a lot in their everyday life; the situations may differ. Since you are not aware, what others are going through in your life seems to be difficult. Your experiences shape you into who you are. So make sure you become an inspiration that builds your confidence and not negativity.



We all have negative thoughts from time to time. No one on earth can spend his or her lifetime with just positive and happy thoughts. However, staying in your head thinking and having the fear of the unknown is just like adding fuel to the already lit fire. By entertaining your negative thoughts, you are ignoring your happiness and the unlimited possibilities of self-growth attached to it. Accept all your thoughts but make sure your actions are not the results of your negative thinking.

“ASK YOURSELF”: – Who you are? What do you want? What makes you truly happy?

Knowing where your happiness lies can help you in replacing the pattern of your negative thoughts. Learning to control your thought process will take lots of practice and dedication but once you achieve it, there is no going back. It will help you to open doors of positivity and hope.





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